IIS 401.1 error or The parameter is incorrect on Windows 2003 SP1

If you are installing the nQplatform on the Windows 2003 SP1 with IIS6. You might be running into the following situation. Depends on the firm's security policy, the network administrator may lock down the IIS. This means the IUSR_COMPUTERNAME will not be able to view the web page.

Open IE browser on the same server and type http://localhost/nqueue or http://[server_name]/nqueue. If you are getting "The parameter is incorrect" or the attached error screen (401.1) error, it means the authentication to access the page for IUSR_COMPUTERNAME is out sync.

Please see the IIS_Config.PHP. If you see the IUSR_ field with no checkbox saying "Allow IIS to control password", it means the IUSR_ password is manually entered. It also means the password is out sync with the password created at system level.

Solution 1:
Ask firm's network administrator to re-boot machine and make sure the password is synced.

Solution 2:
1. Reset the password under Control Panel->Administrative Tool->Computer Management->User and Group for IUSR_
2. Reset the password under IIS->Default Web Site->Properties->Directory Security->Edit
3. Restart IIS web services