WordPress error with capabilities.php, classes.php and the_excerpt_reloaded() fatal error

For some reasons, I just recently receive the following errors on one of my blog hosting account. Nothing has changed on the WordPress side. I was wondering what was changed on the hosting side. However, I could not get hold with the hosting company support. I finally found the resolutions.

Here is the error message suddenly appear. It seems to me something went wrong with the wordpress plugin.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/powecha8/public_html/blogontshirt/wp-includes/capabilities.php on line 31

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/powecha8/public_html/blogontshirt/wp-includes/classes.php on line 88

I have also got the following error because I used the excerpt_reloaded plugin, which is using the above two php files.
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_excerpt_reloaded() in /home/powecha8/public_html/blogontshirt/wp-content/themes/silhouette-3column/home.php on line 20

The problem is because the PHP magic_quote was on. I guess the hosting company reset the value and make it default to ON, which should be turned off.

Add the following line to the customized php.ini file under the root of the hosting account.



Add the following lines in to the .htaccess file at your root of hosting account.

php_flag_magic_quotes_runtime off
php_flag_quotes_gpc off