Dell Inspiron 5547 CUP Fan Noise - System Cooling Policy

I thought my computer starting having CPU fan problem recently. I do remember change some power option settings to use high performance option, but I can't remember exactly what has changed.

My Dell Inspiron 5547 Laptop CPU fan starts going crazy and make huge noise, when I plug-in with the power adapter. What's funny is that the fan is always quiet when I unplug the power. So that got me thinking there is something going on with the "System Cooling Policy" when I plug in the power adapter.

Sync Files Between OneDrive Folder And Android Emulator For Instagram

Well. If you know me enough, you know I like to automate things to save time and to smooth tedious tasks.

I post lots photos on Instagram, but typing lots text and hashtags are pain in the neck on mobile phone's 5" screen. So I end up doing so on my newly upgraded Windows10 laptop running Andy Android Emulator. This allows me to run Instagram on my PC, so I can easily type any text faster than on mobile device.

Allow FireFox Browser To Run Localhost Web Sever

This isn't an issue with Google Chrome browser, but Firefox will not allow you  to run local website  localhost.

If you try to run a local webserver on, Firefox will automatically convert the URL into This is really annoying.

Lucky, there is a setting in Firefox to turn the feature off.

To disable this ‘feature’ do the following:
  • Type about:config in the Firefox browser bar
  • Type browser.fixup.alternate.enabled in the search box that appears
  • Double click on the browser.fixup.alternate.enabled will turn it to false
Run LocalHost on Firefox Browser

Boost Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G Speed

Damn. I have no patient with slow Internet speed. It's killing me when the website is buffering. Too bad that CentryLink in my area can only offer up to 20MB download and 800K Upload. I also have the old Linksys WRT54G 2.4GHz wireless router.

Recently, I notice my evening Internet speed wend down from normal 16MB download to only 1MB or slower. It's killing me and I can't watch YouTube on my SmartTV. So troubleshooting begins. After many test and configuration changes, I think my 2.4GHz cordless phone isn't the main cause of the slow Internet.

If I wired my laptop with the router, I can truly get 16MB connection, while my wireless connection is still only 1-4MB. After searching on Google and made the following configuration. I can now getting 9MB-16MB wireless connection in most of the time. That's much better than before.

I also think my cellphone Nexus5 with wireless connection is interfere with my Laptop wireless connection.

Here is the screenshot of my wireless configuration on Linksys WRT54G router.

Weebly Non-English Language Search Engine Friendly URL Work Around

As much as I love Weebly and actively promoting Weebly to small businesses, there are few annoying issues with Weebly's capability. Obviously, their developers haven't had chance to even look into solving those issues. So I have to find work around to get my job done right the client and get them done properly for search engine as well.

For non-English language website, there are many issues that I want to resolve.

  1. HTML Encoded title and description in meta tag. 
  2. HTML encoded non-search engine friendly URL

[Solved] Nexus5 StraightTalk APN On AT&T Network

It's been 6 months since I switch back to StraightTalk from H2OWireless with AT&T Network.  My Nexus5 hasn't had way to successfully send MMS.  I was able to send MMS before switching over to H2OWireless.

The problem is that the original StraightTalk APK setting on my Nexus5 no long works. So I Google it a lot. Try many thing and nothing really works. BTW, I am using Google's Hangout App as my default SMS app.  I also use Google Voice on Hangout as well.  My temporary solution was to use Google voice on Hangout to send and receive MMS.

Now after so many tries, I finally get MMS working on Nexus5 with StraightTalk on AT&T network.

[Solved] Canon 7D Error 30 - Shutter Lock

Well. This is the first time I ever had any trouble with my 4.5 years old Canon 7D DSLR.

I was on my cruise trip to Puerto Rico. I don't have backup camera with me. My 7D went into error 30 shutter lock mode after shooting few 3 bracketed HDR photos.

After searching on Google, I see many people have the same problem. The error 30 basically means the shutter got stuck in the open position. Or it's getting sticky due to the environment.

Now I've found two solutions in summary. 

Remove batter and compact flash card off the camera. Wait for few seconds before putting the battery and card back into the camera body.