Mount Missing USB Drive On Windows 7

This is very useful info to mount missing USB Drive you just reformated or repartitioned.

Simply do the followings:

  • Right click on your Computer icon under the Start menu and select Manage
  • Select Disk Management
  • Find the missing Disk
  • Right click and choose "Change Driver Letter and Path"

Source: Find Your Missing USB Drive in Windows 7 & Vista

Reformat and repartition USB Flash Drive From Windows OS

You can do this in DISKPART in Windows:
  1. Open an command prompt using Administrator rights.
  3. list disk
  4. Note the disk number that corresponds to your USB drive (it should be obvious going by size)
  5. select disk X where X is the number from step 4
  6. list partition - There should be two, numbered 0 and 1, each about 7 GB
  7. select partition 0
  8. delete partition
  9. select partition 1
  10. delete partition
  11. create partition primary
  12. exit
  13. exit
  14. In Windows, go to Computer and try to open the disk. It will ask you to format it.
  15. Format it with the default settings and give it a name if you want.
It should now a single, unified partitioned drive.