Shared SSL SuPHP 500 Error Fixed

It took me hours and finally figure out what went wrong after install cheap GoDaddy SSL on shared IP on VPS at Hostgator.

Issues: I bought the SSL certification and install on my VPS, which already have 2 dedicated IP (2 other SSL already installed). So my only option is to install the new SSL on the shared IP. While install the SSL, WHM tells me to install the SSL as nobody due to the IP is shared IP.

After restarting the Apache after installing the SSL, the HTTPS works fine on any file that is NOT PHP. When I load the WordPress, it shows me the 500 server error.

It took me hours to figure the Shared SSL with nobody user group is conflicting with suPHP due to the permission.

The idea of fixing this is to assign the SSL certification from nobody to the right cpanel user that owns the add-on/parked domain name.  So here are the steps:

Remove Weebly Promotion Link At Bottom

Do you run a free website at Weebly, which is one of the most popular company that offer free web hosting? Weebly offers a very robust web publishing platform for everyone to setup their website easily. Weebly is one of the site that people love to earn passive income with it.

As much as I love Weebly, I got people asking me how I remove the Free Web Site By Weebly promotion link at the bottom of the site? Honestly, I do NOT recommend you do so without upgrading your services at Weebly. Weebly offers the best free web builder and it costs them money to continually offer the great services. I recommend you to upgrade your site to remove the link.

3 Must Have Features On Tumblr Blog

I know this is a Google Blogger blog, but I am also running few other automated blog on Tumblr. Tumblr is a great blogging platform, but it is lacking some good features like WordPress had.

Here are 3 must have features to put on your Tumblr blog.

1. Redirect 404 page not found error to a random page. 

2. Tag Cloud with different color.
3. Related blog post with thumbnail.

It will be nice to show page like that on Tumblr. This is how you do it.

Adding Previous And Next Post Link On Tumblr

While trying to creating a new Automated Tumblr site for AdSense Passive income, I found many of the Tumblr template do not have the Previous and Next post link included. This means the visitor won't be able to check out your previous or next post easily. To lower the bounce rate and increase the click through rate on your website, adding previous and next post link is one of the easiest way to keep visitor stay longer on your site.

So I found out the solution to add previous and next post link on the Tumblr site.

    {block:PreviousPost}  < a href="{PreviousPost}" class="menu_item pagination_link">« Previous< /a>{/block:PreviousPost}
    {block:NextPost}  < a href="{NextPost}" class="menu_item pagination_link">Next »< /a>{/block:NextPost}

Simply put the above code to the  place, where you want to show the pagination link on the single post page. 

Easy SEO Title Fix On Tumblr Blog

One of the biggest problem on Tumblr is the SEO. You put up a blog and post all your thoughts and photos. You end up have duplicated title tag on Google search result.

So here is the quick fix. It will generate different title tag based on the page and content.

Ideally, we want the index page showing site title and page #. We also want to show page summary as title on single page regardless what content type you post. Please note the photo, video and voice page will not have regular PostTitle, but they all have PostSummary (if you enter any text). On tag and search page, I also want to show the search query, tag and the page number.

This will unique title tag on every single page on your Tumblr site.
< title>{block:IndexPage}{Title} {/block:IndexPage}{block:PermalinkPage}{block:PostSummary}{PostSummary}{/block:PostSummary}{block:PermalinkPage}{block:TagPage}Everything About {Tag}{/block:TagPage}{block:SearchPage}The Truth About {SearchQuery}{/block:SearchPage} : Page {CurrentPage}< /title>

Wala! Make sure you also remove the white space after the < symbol.

You need change the text for Tag page and search page to use your own terms. 

You can see it in action on my truth blog.

Turn Tumblr Blog Into AdSense Income Stream

Tumblr is one of the most popular blog platform on the planet. It already pass WordPress as the #1 most used blogging platform. Tumblr is so easy to use and can easily adding new content through their API or mobile app. However, there are many people doing it wrong.

What I want is to insert the 468x60 AdSense banner into my second post on the home page and on the single post page. I also want to add 300x350 square banner on the right side bar. The most important think is to skip the loop by inserting the following two tags. See attached image. 
{block:PermalinkPage} - Insert code on the single post page
{block:Post2} - Insert content only on the second post on the home page.

Codeigniter Shows Blank Page PHP + MySQL + Apache + Windows 7

Recently, I started a new development on one of my laptop running Windows7. I install PHP 5.3.6, Apache 2.2, MySQL 5. I move all the source code that was previously developed based on CodeIgnitor 1.7.


It shows blank page when I load the site on my laptop's localhost. 


Well. The solution is farily easy. If Codeigniter can not detect the mod_mysql module in PHP when the page is loaded, it doesn't return any error message.
  • So you need to make sure you enable the mod_mysql in your PHP.ini file.
  • Also make sure your .htaccess file is redirect correctly, if you are using Search Engine Friendly URL. Make sure mod_rewrite module is enable in your Apache httpd.conf file.

It's just that easy! A simple check will save you lots time. 

Blank Page With URL Parameter fb_xd_fragment

I am still not sure why it causes the page to display blank content when someone hit the site with the Facebook social plugin and URL parameter fb_xd_fragment.

Here is the temporary fix to display the content, however, it will disable the Facebook widget.

I found this occurring on one of my sites using AddThis - and it affects ALL browsers, not just Internet Explorer. Haven't figured out exactly how or why it happens but the Facebook frame manages to set the parent's element to display: none.

Add the following lines to your main style file.

html { 
    display: block !important;
Read the original post!

Magento Shows No Product and Categeory

Magento E-Commerce Community Edition
It took me 20 minutes to figure out why the products and categories don't show up on the front page of the Magento e-commerce store.

  • The product has to be in stock, enabled and has positive inventory quantity.
  • Make sure the category is under the "Default Category"

It's important to make sure every configuration values is set correctly. Magento is a powerful e-commerce system. Without setting the values and configuration right, the site won't function correctly.

Magento 500 Server Error After Installation

Magento E-Commerce Community Edition
This is a simple solution for Magento shopping cart software. After install the Magento software on the server, it generates 500 server error.

The solution is to change the file permission for index.php file to 755.

That's it!

Disable Administrator Login on Windows7 Welcome Screen

Here is the easiest way to disable the Administrator account login screen on Windows7 welcome screen. You have to make sure the current user has administrator access to run the dos command prompt. If you were having trouble fixing your computer's hosts file access denied issues due to the sypware or virus on your computer, you can find the answers here.

According to
To enable the build-in Administrator account, follow these steps:
1. Click Start, and then type cmd in the Start Search box.
2. In the search results list, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as Administrator.
3. When you are prompted by User Account Control, click Continue.
4. At the command prompt, type net user administrator /active:yes, and then press ENTER
5. Type net user administrator , and then press ENTER.
Note: Please replace the tag with your passwords which you want to set to administrator account.
6. Type exit, and then press ENTER.
7. Log off the current user account.

To revert do exactly the same thing but change
net user administrator /active:yes to
net user administrator /active:no