Turn Tumblr Blog Into AdSense Income Stream

Tumblr is one of the most popular blog platform on the planet. It already pass WordPress as the #1 most used blogging platform. Tumblr is so easy to use and can easily adding new content through their API or mobile app. However, there are many people doing it wrong.

What I want is to insert the 468x60 AdSense banner into my second post on the home page and on the single post page. I also want to add 300x350 square banner on the right side bar. The most important think is to skip the loop by inserting the following two tags. See attached image. 
{block:PermalinkPage} - Insert code on the single post page
{block:Post2} - Insert content only on the second post on the home page.

The reason to install Google Adsense on only the second post on the home page is to optimize the click. Most people don't like ad running above the fold. I already have a 300x250 banner on the right side bar, so there is no need to run the 468x60 banner at the top. I do however show the 468x60 on the single post page.

Visit my B$ site for the live example.

What most Tumblr users do is putting up the blog and add AdSense banner. Then they keep asking people on Tumblr to exchange click. That's simply stupid and will get them banned eventually. If you want to make good AdSense income, you have to put up quality content and unique content.

Stop wasting time making no money! Get your Tumblr blog done right and turn it into a passive income website. You can also read the reasons to use custom domain for tumblr blog and how to boost your Google AdSense Income on Tumblr.