Weebly Non-English Language Search Engine Friendly URL Work Around

As much as I love Weebly and actively promoting Weebly to small businesses, there are few annoying issues with Weebly's capability. Obviously, their developers haven't had chance to even look into solving those issues. So I have to find work around to get my job done right the client and get them done properly for search engine as well.

For non-English language website, there are many issues that I want to resolve.

  1. HTML Encoded title and description in meta tag. 
  2. HTML encoded non-search engine friendly URL

[Solved] Nexus5 StraightTalk APN On AT&T Network

It's been 6 months since I switch back to StraightTalk from H2OWireless with AT&T Network.  My Nexus5 hasn't had way to successfully send MMS.  I was able to send MMS before switching over to H2OWireless.

The problem is that the original StraightTalk APK setting on my Nexus5 no long works. So I Google it a lot. Try many thing and nothing really works. BTW, I am using Google's Hangout App as my default SMS app.  I also use Google Voice on Hangout as well.  My temporary solution was to use Google voice on Hangout to send and receive MMS.

Now after so many tries, I finally get MMS working on Nexus5 with StraightTalk on AT&T network.