Boost Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G Speed

Damn. I have no patient with slow Internet speed. It's killing me when the website is buffering. Too bad that CentryLink in my area can only offer up to 20MB download and 800K Upload. I also have the old Linksys WRT54G 2.4GHz wireless router.

Recently, I notice my evening Internet speed wend down from normal 16MB download to only 1MB or slower. It's killing me and I can't watch YouTube on my SmartTV. So troubleshooting begins. After many test and configuration changes, I think my 2.4GHz cordless phone isn't the main cause of the slow Internet.

If I wired my laptop with the router, I can truly get 16MB connection, while my wireless connection is still only 1-4MB. After searching on Google and made the following configuration. I can now getting 9MB-16MB wireless connection in most of the time. That's much better than before.

I also think my cellphone Nexus5 with wireless connection is interfere with my Laptop wireless connection.

Here is the screenshot of my wireless configuration on Linksys WRT54G router.

Basically, you don't have to use the default Mixed network mode, if you have newer device or computer that is using Wireless-G mode. And you should NOT use the default Channel 6, which is used by most wireless router in your neighborhood. It will slow down your speed too. 

I also force the transmission rate to 54Mbps to ensure it is using the full speed. Enable the Frame Burst really help boosting the speed. I've also tried to mess with the Beacon Interval and DTIM Intervial without success. I actually lost the connection and have to wired my laptop to change it back. So I use the default. It's also funny. If I disable SecureEasySetup, I can't connect at all. 

Anyway, I hope this help you speed up your wireless connection.

After, I don't really need to buy a new router with dual band that support up to 450MB or Gigabit. My CenturyLink only support up to 16MB anyway. Way waste money?