Uneven Column In Genesis Framework WordPress Theme

I've been using StudioPress's Genesis Framework on WordPress website. However, I have never seem someone give the example of using uneven columns. So here I go.

I was wondering why there are style named two-sixths. Now I see how to use it. Here is the end result of un-even column in the Genesis Framework Child theme on WordPress blog.

And here is the HTML source code.

Why GoDaddy Server Is Bad For Customer Services

We all know.

Time Is Money!
So for every minute delayed to receive important email cost you money! I've been using GoDaddy VPS to host my website and my clients' website for sometime. I use email forwarder with WHM/Cpanel to forward all incoming emails to my GMail account.

How To Create and Join Google Spaces As A Page

Google just launched Google Spaces (Official Site) as a new social / messaging app. I am not sure what Google is trying to do to compete with Slack, Twitter or Facebook Group, but it is definitely confusing a lot of people like me, who is actively on Google+ Collection and Community.

Google has failed many times trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter as a social media power house, but it doesn't seem to work. Anyway, what is interesting about the spaces is that people will be invited to join conversations. This can be useful for a business to invite their customer to join semi-private conversation. As long as you have the invitation link, anyone can join the spaces.

The question is how can a business join and create a space?

[Solved] 550 Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I've tried many way to solve this problem and I found it.

I my case, I host website on my own VPS. However, I use QQ Mail to handle my domain email. Whenever I sent email to my other email address on the same server, I got the following error in my Email Delivery Report in WHM.

550 Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command) 

[Solved] WordPress Shortcode Manager Plugin UTF-8 Issues

I love using ShortCode Manager in the Wordpress to handle extra content that is unique to my situation. It allows me to code PHP and dynamic content in the shotcode and use it on WordPress page or post.

However, the Chinese characters in the ShortCode just become garbage and bunch ? mark.

Common Linux Commands Cheat Sheet By Example

Here are the list of Linux commands that I  use often on my VPS / SSH Server. I am no daily Linux admin, so only use SSH Linux command when I need to. 

So when I learned new command that is useful to me, I will add them here. And here is the cheat sheet.

Here are few additional commands by examples. 

Stop Auto Play Audio Flash Ad on Chrome Browser

Don't you just hate to hear audio Ad on a website you visit? Especially, the strong India accent that drive you nut? You can't even understand what the voice said.

It's called Flash AudioAds that will automatically play when you load the page. For example, I often find news on Google News and land on website like TechTimes dot com. It automatically play the annoying audio which I can't turn off. It's very annoying.

As you can see in the screenshot, you see a speaker icon in the tab. It's a Flash component.

In the latest FireFox browser, it automatically disables Flash plugin. However, Chrome browser by default has Flash Plugin enabled. To disable the Flash plugin and auto play audioAd, you simply type the following command in the Chrome Browser address bar.

Run System File Scan on Windows 10

My new Windows10 Dell laptop start having some trouble calculating the battery life when it's on battery mode while I was working in Starbucks. It clearly shows my laptop will only last for 1 minute while it still has 43% battery power left.

I tweeted about it and got a reply from Microsoft Support Team asking me to run system check.