Why GoDaddy Server Is Bad For Customer Services

We all know.

Time Is Money!
So for every minute delayed to receive important email cost you money! I've been using GoDaddy VPS to host my website and my clients' website for sometime. I use email forwarder with WHM/Cpanel to forward all incoming emails to my GMail account.

I've told that I wasn't responding to my client's request faster enough. So the client was mad at me. It turns out that I got their email delayed between 4-15 minutes. It doesn't seem to be a long time, but sometimes, I have to talk to the client over the phone or over a video conference. We were there waiting for email to come to discuss further more.

Finally, I found out that the problem is at GoDaddy. When I receive email from someone, the email go through the following places before coming to my gmail inbox.

Client's SMTP server -> GoDaddy VPS -> GoDaddy MX Forwarding -> Gmail.

The problem is that the GoDaddy MX server took 4-15 minutes to forward my email. Not sure if it's WHM/CPanel's problem or not. It is even worse, if my client is sending email through GoDaddy SMTP Server. I may received my email 20 or longer later.

So I switch my domain name to use Google Domains and setup my email forwarder with Google Domains.

Guess what?

I got my email from anywhere under 2 minutes. In most case, I got my email in less than 30 seconds.

I've been with GoDaddy for many years. I guess I should also move away from GoDaddy VPS, which has been an OK ride. It's cheaper than other VPS providers, but at the cost of my time and money.