Remove Weebly Promotion Link At Bottom

Do you run a free website at Weebly, which is one of the most popular company that offer free web hosting? Weebly offers a very robust web publishing platform for everyone to setup their website easily. Weebly is one of the site that people love to earn passive income with it.

As much as I love Weebly, I got people asking me how I remove the Free Web Site By Weebly promotion link at the bottom of the site? Honestly, I do NOT recommend you do so without upgrading your services at Weebly. Weebly offers the best free web builder and it costs them money to continually offer the great services. I recommend you to upgrade your site to remove the link.

If you insist, you can still remove the link easily by hiding it using the CSS. You simply login to your Weebly account and choose "Design" tab. On the right side of the screen, you can modify your CSS by clicking on "Edit HTML/CSS".

You simply search "Footer" section and add the following line to the Footer section.

display: none;

In some cases, there is a background for the footer, if you don't want to remove the entire footer, you can add the following lines at the end of the CSS file.

.weebly-footer {
    display: none

This will remove the Weebly promotion link from the bottom.While I am posting this, I am also starting new passive income project using Tumblr.