Adding Previous And Next Post Link On Tumblr

While trying to creating a new Automated Tumblr site for AdSense Passive income, I found many of the Tumblr template do not have the Previous and Next post link included. This means the visitor won't be able to check out your previous or next post easily. To lower the bounce rate and increase the click through rate on your website, adding previous and next post link is one of the easiest way to keep visitor stay longer on your site.

So I found out the solution to add previous and next post link on the Tumblr site.

    {block:PreviousPost}  < a href="{PreviousPost}" class="menu_item pagination_link">« Previous< /a>{/block:PreviousPost}
    {block:NextPost}  < a href="{NextPost}" class="menu_item pagination_link">Next »< /a>{/block:NextPost}

Simply put the above code to the  place, where you want to show the pagination link on the single post page.