Sync Files Between OneDrive Folder And Android Emulator For Instagram

Well. If you know me enough, you know I like to automate things to save time and to smooth tedious tasks.

I post lots photos on Instagram, but typing lots text and hashtags are pain in the neck on mobile phone's 5" screen. So I end up doing so on my newly upgraded Windows10 laptop running Andy Android Emulator. This allows me to run Instagram on my PC, so I can easily type any text faster than on mobile device.

However, finding the image on my laptop for Andy Android Emulator is a problem. In reality, I would like to sync the photos I took on my mobile phone and automatically sync them to my Unlimited OneDrive Cloud Space. It will also automatically sync down to my OneDrive folder on my laptop.

Now the problem is how to also make the images available for Andy Android Emulator to see it? It's actually quite simple by using Windows built command MKLINK.

Here are the steps:

  1. Run cmd.exe as administrator 
  2. MKLINK /J C:\Temp\AndyEmulator C:\Users\T\Andy\Shared
That's it!

It will create a new directory called "Shared" that is pointing to Pictures folder, which is synced with my OneDrive autoback up from my mobile phone.