Dell Inspiron 5547 CUP Fan Noise - System Cooling Policy

I thought my computer starting having CPU fan problem recently. I do remember change some power option settings to use high performance option, but I can't remember exactly what has changed.

My Dell Inspiron 5547 Laptop CPU fan starts going crazy and make huge noise, when I plug-in with the power adapter. What's funny is that the fan is always quiet when I unplug the power. So that got me thinking there is something going on with the "System Cooling Policy" when I plug in the power adapter.

So I change to the following setting and see if it will solve the problem. So far so good. Although the fan start making noise once a while, I know it's not the fan problem. The fan is doing what it is supposed to do to cool down and protect the computer.

I can live with the noise. Period.

I am currently using "High Performance [Active]" mode, because I often need to process image in Photoshop. 

Here are something you need to know about the terminology.

The System cooling policy power option allows you to specify the cooling mode you want to use for your system.

  • Active = Increase fan speed to cool first, and only slow the processor to cool as a last resort.
  • Passive = Slow the processor to cool, and only increasing fan speed to cool as a last resort.