Annoying start page in IE7

Recently, I did a spyware scan on my laptop, but found few annoying ActiveX Controls running under IE7. So I change the security setting in IE7 to stop most of the ActiveX Controls. However, I restart the IE7 browser and getting the annoying "Customize Your Settings" home page every time. Even I change the default home page to "about:blank", it still starts with the "RoundOnce" page from

I have no idea what this page does, but I believe that Microsoft is trying to guide the IE7 user to setup their IE7 and download new add-on from an non-Microsoft web sites. That looks weird!

After digging into the registry for IE7 and found a place to turn off the start-up page. Basically, it requires two registry key to do the magic.

Open Regedit and go to the following section.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
Look for the following two keys.

if they do not exist. Add them by right click mouse -> New -> DWORD Value as shown in the image below.

Modify the value and set the value to 1 for both DWORD values as the images below.

Restart your IE7 browser. The annoying Runonce page is gone!