ANHosting vs BlueHost

Currently they are both the same price and support PHP4, 5 and with good tech support waiting time. However there are difference.
  • 50 Simultaneously accesses to MySQL database
  • 20 Domains on the same account ($3/mon to add 10 add-on domains and upto 300GB diskspace)
  • Access to .htaccess
  • default to PHP4/MySQL4.1, can request PHP5/MySQL5 after signup
  • Upgradeable to VPS account through
  • 20 simultaneously accesses to MySQL database
  • unlimited add-on domains
  • Access to PHP.INI and .htaccess
  • Shell access through SSH requires drive license and key confirmation
  • 300 accounts on the same share server (Lower CUP power server)
  • Can upgrade to higher power CPU Server
  • No dedicated/VPS hosting
  • Not guaranteed to PHP5/MySQL5 or PHP4/MySQL4. Will know after